Executive Board
Alexander Nadmitov
Harvard Club of Russia President
«It is a great honor and pleasure for me to serve our Harvard community in Russia!»

Alexander Nadmitov is the President of Harvard Club of Russia. Prior to being elected to his current position on June 30, 2021, Alexander has served as the Vice-President and Executive Secretary of Harvard Club of Russia since 2009. Mr Nadmitov served as the HCR President in 2016 - 2018.

Mr Nadmitov is the Managing Partner at Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners, a Moscow-based law firm, which provides a wide range of legal services in corporate law and M&A, venture transactions, FinTech, personal data, and dispute resolution. The firm has been recommended by international and domestic legal ratings. Before establishing own legal practice, Alexander worked with leading Russian and international law firms.

Alexander received a LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School, where he completed the International Finance concentration and won the Addison Brown Prize in Private International Law in 2004. Mr Nadmitov holds a Magister Juris degree from Oxford University. He spent a year as a post-graduate Chevening Scholar at Essex University.
Mr Nadmitov also obtained Master in Law and Bachelor in Law degrees from the Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

Alexander also maintains his YouTube channel
Alexey Ivanov
HCR Co-Vice-President for Schools, Students and Scholarships
Alexey Ivanov leads the HSE—Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, a partnership project of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre and the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE). He is also the director at the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre, a platform established by the BRICS competition authorities to intensify cooperation with academia of the BRICS countries.

Since 2012, Alexey as a professor at HSE Law School has been teaching Competition Law in the New Economy, a course addressing key challenges for the evolution of the competition law and policy. In 2015, under his leadership a research project on the global food value chains was launched and supported by the BRICS competition authorities through establishment of their joint working group to focus on the global agricultural markets. As a direct outcome of this research project for the first time in the Russian history a transfer of certain technologies was prescribed by the FAS Russia to the Bayer/Monsanto company as a remedy in the respective merger case. Prof. Ivanov in his capacity as the academic supervisor at the Centre for Technology Transfer – a special trustee assigned to facilitate the process of technology transfer in the Bayer/Monsanto case is also overseeing applied research aimed at boosting competitiveness of the Russian agricultural sector.

Prof. Ivanov is a prolific author in the sphere of competition law, intellectual property, and innovation studies, as well as in public policy for agricultural development. His bestselling books in this field include: “Global Food Value Chains: Competition Law and Policy Perspective”, “The New Agricultural Technologies: Economic, Legal and Regulatory Aspects”, “Breeding 2.0”, “The Climate Battle: Russia’s Bet for Carbon Farming”.
Ruben Enikolopov
Co-Vice-President for School Relations
Ruben received a Master's degree from the New Economic School (NES) and a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. He was appointed rector of the NES in 2018.
Breffny Morgan
HCR Vice-President for Events & PR
"We are East meets West. We are the integration of academic excellence with business, political, and various other expertise. In 2017 we are blessed with an enthusiastic community of members, and I am honoured to be here in Moscow to work to boost our strength."

Breffny Morgan graduated Harvard in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Biology, then returned to his native Ireland and became a successful television actor and journalist. In 2012 he emigrated to Russia, and ever since then, Morgan has been an active member of the Harvard Club of Russia. He was elected a VP for Events & PR in 2013 and has held the position ever since.

At Harvard, Breffny was Second Deputy Captain on the Heavyweight Crew (and in Harvard jargon, a letterwinner athlete). He won a US National Championship silver medal in the Freshman Eights, and went undefeated with four annual victories over Yale, and raced on semifinal day at Henley Royal Regatta in 2008. Upon graduation, Breffny trained and rowed a thousand miles of the Atlantic Ocean, and in the process raised considerable funds for the Red Cross. Morgan's background in sponsor relations originated from this, and then developed via subsequent years of varied product placement work in Irish media.

Morgan manages relations with Club partners, he hosts events, and he sources speakers. In 2017 Morgan has relaunched the Club's 'Happy Hour' events, and in the past he 'ran' the Running Club, a novel project where Club members met and jogged the banks of the Moskva River (this can be resumed on request). Breffny has also hosted Club academic outreach events at leading academic institutions, including the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the People's Friendship University of Russia, and the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

In Moscow, Morgan works as a writer, editor, and media trainer, for clients including the Skolkovo-HSE Institute for Law & Development, Sberbank, Rosatom, and Zarubezhneft. He is a former Irish Independent contributor and News of the World columnist, he has been published by the Plekhanov University Press, and he contributed chapters to the book 'Making A Difference' (The Super Generation, 2012).
Vladimir Pakhomov
Vladimir Pakhomov has been appointed as co-vice-president of treasury of Harvard Club of Russia.

Mr Pakhomov has 25 years of experience of business development, commercial launches of nationwide projects, and business turnarounds in banking, financial services, mobile telecom, energy, and logistics.

Vladimir is Head of Sales and Marketing at BCS Bank, division of BCS Group. Previously, he played major leadership roles in Otkritie bank. Before that Vladimir lead Private Wealth management of Deustche Bank in Russia, mutual funds distribution at Renaissance Investment Management, credit cards at Citibank, and business of Western Union in CIS countries. Prior to that he took part in commercial launch of Megafon – national mobile network operator.

Vladimir received an engineering degree in system analysis from Moscow Aviation Institute (1994) and Master degree in banking business from the Financial Academy (2007). In 2019 he received a GMP degree from Harvard Business School.
Alexey Tuzikov
Alexey is an Executive Director at SberX, a Sberbank's arm for ecosystem development, and is a CEO and founder of a First Digital Institute online education platform. Before that he worked as a Public Sector Consultant at BCG, as a research associate at Harvard Business School, as well held various roles in private equity and financial consulting at VTB Capital, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Moody's Investors Service, pwc and EY.

Alexey received a Master in Public Administration in International Development degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, as well as BSc degree in Economics from London School of Economics, and studies Physics at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. 
Gleb Biserov
Co-HBS Liaison
Gleb Biserov is a managing partner at Adorno Capital. Before founding the company, Gleb worked on senior housing asset ramp-up programs with Northbridge Companies and gained years of work experience at BCG and American Express, Russia. He holds MBA from Harvard.
Maxim Chereshnev
Co-HBS Liaison
Mr Chereshnev is the Chairman and founder of RTEDC - Russian trade promotion organization, which supports International trade for Russian companies and set up business in Russia for international corporations. In his position Mr Chereshnev is the member of Advisory board of Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation and Head of Commission on international trade. 

Maxim got his PLD degree from Harvard Business School and served as a Adviser to the Minister of regional development of Russian Federation. Mr Chereshnev also holds his PhD from Moscow state university and involved in intergovernmental trade commissions with several countries. Since 2018 Mr Chereshnev is as board member of Digital economy development fund, with responsibility of VC investments and global business development for invested VC companies.
Natalia Yutanova
HCR Vice-President, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
Natalia is the first Vice President D&I in HCR. She will develop the culture where all members should communicate and visibly embrace their commitment to multivariate forms of diversity, building a connection to a wide range of members to foster a sense of community and belonging.

Natalia is the President and Founder of EXEC 4.0 Group of companies including EXEC 4.0 HR-Tech platform and EXEC 4.0 Executive search focused on development of leaders for all the industries, governmetal, non-commercial, and educational sectors.

As M.D. Natalia did international careers in multinational pharmaceutical companies. She working as Medical Director EEMRO, Abbott, Switzerland in charge for clinical studies in 15 countries. She also was the General Director of American Hospitals Group, MEDSI, AFK Sistema. Dr Natalia Yutanova is also Fellow Member, Institute of Coaching, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.