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Harvard Club of Russia
There were several attempts by Harvard alumni living in Moscow, Russia to organize a social club in the 1990s, but none of them was a success. The first lasting attempt to organize the club was made in 2004 by graduates of the Harvard Kennedy School Simon Saradzhyan and David Rekhviashvili.

They also were the first to register the club officially with the Russian authorities as a non-commercial partnership and with the Harvard Alumni Association as the first and the only Harvard alumni club in Russia. Simon Saradzhyan became the first President of the Club, and was followed in 2006 by Alexander Lupachev, a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

In 2009, Alexander Nadmitov, a graduate of the Harvard Law School, renewed the club's official registration with the Russian authorities, and HBS and HKS graduate Murad Sofizade was elected the club's president. Two years later, HKS graduate Sergei Arkhipov was elected and serves as the current president of the club.
The membership of $100 per year remain unchanged since the club's inception. As of early 2012, the total number of alumni and Harvard associates whom the club reaches is above 600.

Alexander Nadmitov is the President of Harvard Club of Russia. Prior to being elected to his current position on June 30, 2021, Alexander has served as the Vice-President and Executive Secretary of HCR since 2009. Mr Nadmitov served as the Harvard Club of Russia President in 2016-2018.